Bobcat S70 Specs: Skid Steer Loader Features and Performance


The Bobcat S70 skid steer loader is a part of the K-series. It is a very small skid steer with low capabilities and small size which is great for small projects.


Bobcat S70 Specs

Engine Specs

  • Power: 23.5 hp
  • Max Speed: 6.3 mph
  • Fuel Tank: 6.5 gal Diesel

The Bobcat S70 supplies 23.5 hp through the diesel engine.

With this power it can reach a max speed of 6.3 mph. The S70 requires diesel fuel and has a 6.5 gal gas tank.


  • Tipping Capacity: 1,520 lbs
  • Rated Operating Capacity (50%): 760 lbs

The Bobcat S70 has an operating capacity of 760 lbs. The tipping capacity is 1,520 lbs for the S70.

Weight Specs

  • Operating Weight: 2,892 lbs

The Bobcat S70 weighs 2,892 lbs. This is important if you plan to transport this vehicle; you must know the weight in order to insure a trailer and truck that can support this weight.


  • Height: 71.4 in
  • Width w/bucket: 36 in
  • Width: 35.5
  • Length w/o attachment: 75.6 in
  • Length w/bucket: 97.3 in
  • Reach at Max Height: 15.8 in

Knowing the height of you vehicle is important as well because you need to understand how it can maneuver and fit either during transportation or on site.

The Bobcat S70 is 71.4 inches high, 36 inches wide, and 97.3 inches long with a standard bucket.

It can reach out 15.8 inches at the max weight.


Interior Design

The interior design of the S70 is fairly simple. There is not too many special features in this skid steer. This loader has the standard foot pedals and steering levers for main controls.

For the operator there is a mechanism suspension seat. And for additional comfort, you can opt to add a heated cab or sound reduction package.

Performance Design

The S70 comes standard with the trademarked BICS (Bobcat Interlock Control System) which connects the system, seat bar, valve and traction.

There are only front and rear lights to help with operation during early mornings and late nights.

And for added protection of the operator and equipment it is ROPS and FOPS approved.


The Bobcat S70 comes with a range of attachments which can be seen in the list below.

The process of changing the attachments is very easy using the standard Bob-Tach mounting system. The entire process of swapping an attachment takes only about a minute with this mounting system. 

Compatible Attachments

Angle Broom

  • 51″ Angle Broom
  • 64″ Angle Broom

Attachment T-Harness Kits

  • 14 Pin Attachment Control Kit


  • 10 Auger Drive Unit

Bucket, Dirt – Loaders

  • 36″ Dirt Bucket
  • 44″ Dirt Bucket

Bucker, General Purpose – Loaders

  • 36″ General Purpose Bucket
  • 44″ General Purpose Bucket
  • 50″ General Purpose Bucket


  • 12S Digger

Dumping Hopper

  • Model 10 Dumping Hopper


  • 36″ Industrial Grapple
  • 36″ Root Grapple
  • 32″ Grapple
  • 32″ Utility Grapple

Hydraulic Breaker

  • HB680 Hydraulic Breaker with Nail Point


  • 48″ Landplane

Nitrogen Breaker

  • NB140 Nitrogen Breaker with Nail Point

Snow Blade

  • 54″ Utility Blade

Stump Grinder

  • SG 30 Stump Grinder


  • Rotary Tiller, 40 in


  • Trencher LT112
  • Trencher LT113

Utility Fork

  • 36″ Utility Fork, 5 teeth
  • 36″ Utility Fork, 7 teeth


  • Boring Unit
  • Pallet Fork Frame
  • Soil Conditioner, Manual 48″

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