Bobcat S850 Specs: Compact Skid-Steer Loader Features and Performance


Bobcat offers versatile, agile, and tough machines, and the S850 skid steer is no exception. It’s a compact vehicle, ideal for loading and unloading construction materials such as blocks and bricks.

It offers the highest lifting height in the entire Bobcat’s M2-series and makes for a perfect solution to work in rough conditions and limited spaces.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Bobcat S850 including specs, features, and performance.


Bobcat S850 Specs

Engine Specs

  • Power: 100 hp (74.6 kW)
  • Max Speed: 7.1 mph (11.4 kmph), 12.3 mph (19.8 kmph) – (2-speed)
  • Fuel Tank: 29.5 gal (111.6 L) Diesel

The Bobcat S850 supplies 100 hp through the diesel engine.

With this power it can reach a max speed of 7.1 mph, but can go up to 12.3 mph with the 2-speed option. The S850 requires diesel fuel and has a 23.9 gal gas tank.


  • Tipping Capacity: 7,900 lbs (3,658 kg)
  • Rated Operating Capacity (50%): 3,950 lbs (1,792 kg)
  • Operating Capacity w/200 lb counterweight: 4,100 lbs (1,860 kg)

The Bobcat S850 has a tipping capacity of 7,900 lbs which means that the vehicle will not be able to lift and will physically tip forward if exceeded. However, the operation capacity is the actual safe capacity that can be loaded on the skid steer.

The operating capacity is usually around 50% of the tipping capacity.

The operating capacity (ISO) of the Bobcat S850 is 3,950 lbs.

There is an optional 200 lb counterweight that can be added to the skid steer loader, and this ads an extra 150 lbs of operating capacity (at 35%).

Weight Specs

  • Operating Weight: 10,237 lbs (4,643 kg)

The Bobcat S850 weighs 10,237 lbs. This is important if you plan to transport this vehicle; you must know the weight in order to insure a trailer and truck that can support this weight.


  • Height: 83.4 in (203.2 cm)
  • Width w/bucket: 80 in (203.2 cm)

Knowing the height of you vehicle is important as well because you need to understand how it can maneuver and fit either during transportation or on site.

The Bobcat S850 is 83.4 inches high and 80 inches wide.


Body Design

Compared to many other skid-steers on the market, the S850 has a keel-shaped undercarriage (as opposed to a flat bottom), that reduces the likelihood of damage and getting stuck in various conditions.

The chaincase has fixed-axle tubes and fully sealed bearings for reduced maintenance. The design of these features make the need to adjustments unnecessary.

Interior Design

You can choose from Bobcat’s premium class SJC (Selectable Joystick Controls) or Standard Controls based on your preferences.

The Selectable Joystick Controls provide fingertip controls for operating the skid steer loader easily and precisely.

One of the best features of the Bobcat S850 skid steer loader is that it comes with the Bobcat’s Deluxe Instrumentation Panel as standard. This panel brings the latest advancements in productivity, monitoring, and communication.

It provides you with the attachment information in real-time to track usage, read alerts, and monitor key loader operations. The panel offers an intuitive interface and sharp LCD where you can read notifications and access important data to make sure that your skid steer loader is working at its peak capacity.

The 5-inch LCD screen on the S850 comes with special features such as laser guided attachment viewing, diagnostics and trouble shooting, and slope sensor.

Performance Design

The loader has a patented single-plane design that not only minimizes the load on pins but it also reduces side-to-side lift arm motion. The machine delivers more horsepower to help you work faster to save time and fuel.

The switch-activated automatic ride control feature detects when the vehicle is in motion and monitors balance in the vehicle and attachments to reduce spilling.

To improve leveling and dumping of a bucket, there is an optional hydraulic button positioning feature that can improve the controls.

The skid steer is designed with balance performance in mind. It has 70% of the weight sitting in the back with the other 30% in the front.

For the driving of the skid steer loader, there is an optional 2-speed travel option that provides faster travel speed. With or without this 2-speed option, built into the system is a speed management control that proves small and precise movements in speed. When the vehicle is in a stopped position, an auto idle featured will kick in to reduce engine run time and fuel. And on the other end, when the system is closer to max power, the horsepower management control kicks in to adjust the drive system to prevent stalling.

The driving controls, outside of speed can be used in a remote control operation (for SJC only). This allows the operator to move the vehicle without needing to be inside the cabin.

And finally during driving, there is an auto steering drift compensation feature that will minimize small changes in side to side motion for smoother and more direct routes.

The S850 has the ability to pivot 360 degree in the same position.

Operator’s Comfort

The cushioned suspension seat allows you to work at a pleasant temperature, sit comfortably, and stay fresh for longer times. It ensures that you have the best possible all-around visibility for faster and easier operations.

The seat is placed mindfully so that you can see the cutting edge and bucket corners conveniently. You won’t need to raise the loader’s arms to view the tires. Better yet, you can easily adjust the seat by moving it backward or forward to suit your preferences.

If you live in a place with a cold climate, you can opt for a heated seat that will keep you warm. The company also offers different seat clothes and the air ride suspension seat for maximum comfort.

Other than the seat comfort, the operator-friendly control allows you to operate the loader with minimal fatigue. You can use the fingertip controls to use different Bobcat attachments, including grapples, buckets, tilers, sweepers, and soil conditioners.

The engine speed controls are located right in front of the seat so that you can use them conveniently. Plus, you can also adjust all the foot pedals based on your body’s needs.

For those equipped with the SJC, the levers move along with the seat for customized ergonomic positioning.

The Bobcat S850 offers a large entry/exit area, which means you won’t need to worry about bumping your head while entering or exiting the loader. The interior of the loader is also spacious to accommodate all types of people.

If you like to work in a clean environment, the Bobcat S850 steer skid loader has got you covered. That’s because it comes with a pressurized cab, which means that the mud, dust, dirt, and other debris won’t enter the interior space. This feature also keep the air conditioning and heating in when activated.

The cab provides excellent visibility around the vehicle with large windows, including one on top. There are front and side LED lights that assist in operation when there isn’t enough light.


The Bobcat S850 comes with a range of attachments which can be seen in the list below.

The process of changing the attachments is very easy using the standard Bob-Tach mounting system. The entire process of swapping an attachment takes only about a minute with this mounting system.

You can also go one step further by opting for the optional power Bob-Tach mounting system. This system allows you to swap your non-hydraulic attachments without needing to leave the cabin. 

All you need is to push down the dash switch and the loader will connect its wedges into the attachment. It also allows you to change your hydraulic attachments and you can do it by securing the attachment and hooking up the hoses.

The attachments are also compatible with quick couplers on the skid steer loader that allow pressure to release from the attachment and return back to the machine making for safe detachment.

Here is a full list of attachments available with the Bobcat S850:

Angle Broom for S850
  • 84″ Angle Broom
Auger for S850
  • 15C Auger Drive Unit
  • 15H Auger Hex Drive Unit
  • 30C Auger Drive Unit
  • 30H Auger Hex Drive Unit
  • 35PH Auger
  • 50PH Auger
Backhoe for S850
  • 8811 Backhoe
Brushcat Rotary Cutter for S850
  • 72″ Brushcat (HF)
  • 72″ Brushcat (Std Flow)
  • 80″ Brushcat (HF)
Buckets for S850
  • 74″ Rock Bucket
  • 82″ Rock Bucket
  • 36″ MX3 XCHG Grading Bucket
  • 48″ MX3 XCHG Grading Bucket
  • 12″ MX3 XCHG Smooth Trenching Bucket
  • 16″ MX3 XCHG Smooth Trenching Bucket
  • 18″ MX3 XCHG Smooth Trenching Bucket
  • 20″ MX3 XCHG Smooth Trenching Bucket
  • 24″ MX3 XCHG Smooth Trenching Bucket
  • 30″ MX3 XCHG Smooth Trenching Bucket
  • 36″ MX3 XCHG Smooth Trenching Bucket
Chippers for S850
  • 5A Chipper, Standard Flow
  • 8B Chipper, High Flow
Dozer Blade for S850
  • 96″ Dozer Blade, 6-way
Flail Cutter for S850
  • FC200 Flail Cutter
Graders for S850
  • 108″ Grader
  • 96″ Grader
Grapples for S850
  • 78″ Industrial Fork Grapple
  • 80″ Industrial Bucket Grapple
  • 82″ Root Grapple
Hydraulic Breakers for S850
  • HB1180 Hydraulic Breaker with Nail Point
  • HB1380 Breaker with Nail Point
  • HB2380 Breaker with Nail Point
Mower for S850
  • 90″ Mower
Pallet Forks for S850
  • 48″ Hydraulic Pallet Fork
Planers for S850
  • 18″ Planer, High Flow
  • 24″ Planer, High Flow
  • 40″ Planer, High Flow
Snow Blade for S850
  • 108″ Snow Blade – Heavy Duty
Snow Pushers for S850
  • Snow Pusher Pro, 108 in (w/angle blade and removable pusher box)
  • Snow Pusher Pro, 120 in (w/angle blade and removable pusher box)
  • Snow Pusher Pro, 96 in (w/angle blade and removable pusher box)
  • Snow Pusher, 94 in
  • Snow Pusher, 120 in
Snow Blowers for S850
  • Snow Blower 32X74
Soil Conditioners for S850
  • Soil Conditioner, 84 in Hydraulic Angle and Depth for High Flow Machines
  • Soil Conditioner, 84 in Hydraulic Angle and Depth
Spreader for S850
  • HS8 Spreader
Stump Grinders for S850
  • SG 60 Stump Grinder
  • SHX 60 Stump Grinder
Sweeper for S850
  • Sweeper Bucker 72″
Tree Spades for S850
  • 32″ Convertible Tree Spade, Cone
  • 32″ Convertible Tree Spade, Modified
  • 36″ Convertible Tree Spade, Cone
  • 36″ Convertible Tree Spade, Modified
  • 44″ Convertible Tree Spade, Cone
  • 44″ Convertible Tree Spade, Modified
Trenchers for S850
  • LT313 Trencher
  • LT414 Trencher
  • LT405 Trencher
Vibratory Rollers for S850
  • 73″ Vibratory Roller w/Padded Drum
  • 73″ Vibratory Roller w/Smooth Drum
  • 80″ Vibratory Roller w/Smooth Drum
Wheel Saws for S850
  • WS18 Wheel Saw
  • WS24 Wheel Saw
Other attachments for S850
  • Brush Saw
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Concrete Pump
  • Packer Wheel
  • Silt Fence Installer
  • Sod Layer
  • Trench Compactor
  • Quick-Tach Water Kit


The S850 is designed for easier maintenance. It has a swing-open tailgate for access to routine maintenance parts, and for the more complex system (hydraulic and hydrostatic components) the cab can be tipped back to reach them.

The basic gauges, such as the hydraulic oil level are conveniently located externally and can be observed outside the cab.

To prevent battery damage or draining, the S850 has an automatic shutdown system when idle for long periods of time which will shut down the engine, hydraulics and the lights.

Another great feature of this loader is that it requires less maintenance. The company has extended the maintenance intervals for the new engine that you get with the Bobcat S850. 

You’ll need the first service after 500 hours of use and the frequency of the loader’s fuel filter replacements has also been reduced.

This skid steer loader is non DPF (diesel particulate filter), meaning the loader engine has a special design where it doesn’t excrete as many particles. This reduces the need for replacing and cleaning the filter. These engines are also Tier 4 emission grade, according to SAE.

The cab also comes equipped with a dual-path cooling system that vents warm air out and away from the cab and engine. There is also an optional reversible fan that can push dust and debris away from the rear screen to keep the vehicle cleaner.

There are multiple functions build into the system that monitor and protect the engine and vehicle from damage. The first is coolant and oil temperature monitoring. The systems in place will monitor these temperatures to make sure they do not get too hot and will shut off the engine when this temperature is at risk of overheating the vehicle.

There is also cold weather protection built into the electronic system that ensures the engine has warmed up properly before being operated at the max power.

Final Words

The demand for construction vehicles and loaders continues to increase. The Bobcat S850 provides operators with the opportunity not only to meet but also exceed those demands. It’s an efficient, safe, compact, and powerful loader that’s ideal for tight and tall tasks.

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