E88 Bobcat Specs: Compact Excavator Features


The E88 Bobcat is one of the best excavators in the ten ton size class. This compact excavator features a conventional tail swing and makes for an excellent choice for job sites with limited space.

It provides operators with great flexibility and unrestricted rotation and reduces the risk of damage to the property and machine.

This post discusses the specs and features of the E88 Bobcat excavator along with its performance details that you need to know.


E88 Bobcat Specs

The Bobcat E88 Compact Excavator comes in three different variants, including clamp-ready extendable arm, long arm, and standard arm options. These models feature the following specs.

Engine Specs

  • Power: 48.7 kw or 65.4 hp
  • Max Speed: 2.7 mph or 4.4 kmph
  • Fuel Tank: 115.8 L or 30.6 gal
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Number of Cylinders: 3

The engine in the E88 bobcat supplies 65.4 hp. It can reach a maximum speed of 2.7 mph.

Diesel fuel is required in the E88 Bobcat and it has a tank size of 30.6 gallons.


  • Lift Capacity: 4,545 kg or 10,020 lb (standard arm), long arm unknown
  • Bucket Breakout Force: 67,300 N or 15,130 lbf
  • Arm Digging Force: 8,620 lbf or 38,342 N (standard arm), long arm unknown
  • Max Dig Depth: 15.2 ft (with standard arm), long arm unknown
  • Dump Height: 16.5 ft (with standard arm), long arm unknown

The lift capacity of the E88 Bobcat is the highest with the standard arm with a capacity of 10,020 lbs.

The bucket digging force of the E88 Bobcat for all variants is 15,130 lbf. The arm digging force is much lower at 8,620 lbf.

The dump height of the E88 Bobcat is 16.2 ft with the standard arm.

Weight Specs

  • Operating Weight: 8,891 kg or 19,600 lb (with standard arm), 19,600 lb or 8,891 kg (long arm)

The E88 Bobcat weighs 19,600 lbs with the standard arm and long arm.


  • Height: 100 in (for all variants)
  • Width: 86.6
  • Length: 249.6 in (standard arm), long arm unknown

The E88 Bobcat has a height of 100 inches and a width of 86.6 inches. The standard arm gives an overall length of 249.6 inches.


The E88 Bobcat excavator comes with a new design that ensures longer life. It features a “four-place box” structure along with internal gussets. Not only does It make the vehicle lightweight but also allows it to offer a reliable and durable structure.

The company has used premium-class materials and computer-assisted design technologies to build this machine. Plus, each model of the E88 Bobcat excavator is endurance tested under rough conditions.

Other than the overall structure and build, the excavator also features new travel pedals made of aluminum that ensure ergonomic travel controls. These pedals are optimized to ensure convenient foot placement and allow the operator to control the machine confidently.

The travel pedals are also foldable which means you can increase the foot room by folding them. In simple words, the E88 Bobcat flaunts a design that not only increases the longevity of the machine but also offers enhanced performance and comfort.

The R2-series offers upgraded LED work lights on the vehicle and protected rearview camera option.

The R2-series comes standard with a 5-inch display with the ability to upgrade to a 7-inch display. This display provide information on changing the attachment, keyless starts, rearview camera display (optional) and the depth check system.

The depth check system allows you to monitor the digging distance to target, the depth check and grade check.

The 7 inch display is a bit more advanced with higher sensititivy and durability as well as phone connectivity.


When moving the E88 from place to place, there are two main features that improve the ease of transporting the vehicle. The first is a machine tie down points which are convenient and easy to reach. The other feature is the slew brakes that allow the brakes to sit in any position.

Angle Blade:

The angle blad is an optional feature available on the E88 bobcat that has the ability to level and backfill dirty and debris while protecting the underside of the vehicle. The Angle Blade in the R2-Series has an upgraded upper edge which is more robust and durable than those in the R-series.

Tail Swing

The Bobcat E88 has a conventional tail swing. This means that it provides the most digging power than other tail swing options and is easier to maneuver due to its smaller size.


The Bobcat E88 compact excavator allows you to travel at a faster speed with its 2-speed option. This way, you can move quickly from one place to another on your job site to cover more work in less time.

Another great feature of the machine is that it comes with the auto-idle feature that not only reduces noise but also saves fuel. You only need to select the travel speed range as the new auto-shift travel motor ensures automatic speed transition. It means that you don’t need to downshift the vehicle manually for optimal performance.

The improved boom offset control allows you to make precise turns with maximum comfort and low effort. This swing control is located on the left joystick of the dashboard and you can easily control it using your thumb. Not only does it increase foot room but it also makes multifunction operations easy (like traveling and swinging at the same time).

The left-hand joystick in the cabin controls auxiliary hydraulics, when equipped, and the right-hand joystick ontrols the rearview camera.

As compared to other excavators of similar size, the Bobcat E88 offers more power, thanks to its advanced hydraulic system. It contributed to the excavator’s performance whether you’re digging, backfilling, or moving across your job site.

In order to ensure efficient hydraulic fluid transmission, the excavator features fewer 90-degree fittings. It allows the hydraulic fluids to move easily without any resistance to optimize the engine’s horsepower.

In the R-2 series, there is a new fuel filter, pre-filter, self priming fuel system and a recirculation valve. These features make the engine more efficient, convenient, and better during cold-weather operation. This also includes glow plugs that warm fuel during startup for easier starts.

Multiple Arm Options

The availability of multiple arm configurations of the excavator is yet another important feature that increases its performance. As mentioned earlier, the Bobcat E88 is available in three different configurations, including extendable, long, and standard.  

It means that you will find an arm for different tasks depending on the performance, power, depth, and reach you need. The extendable arm offers enhanced lifting performance and power when it’s retracted and you can extend it when you need more dig-depth and reach.

When lifting power is not required and you need more dig-depth and reach, you can go with the long arm option. The standard arm of this excavator is the best option for maximum arm breakout force.

Operator’s Comfort

The cabin of the Bobcat E88 compact excavator is designed based on modern comfort standards. It offers a big adjustable suspension seat, clear visibility, and large foot room/legroom/headroom. Each feature is added to the machine’s cabin to improve comfort and productivity. The seat can also have an optional high-back, a headrest or added heat.

The operator-friendly control of the vehicle adds to the ease of use and ensures the accuracy of different operations. You can also choose the optional automatic climate control, which means you can set the desired temperature and forget it. This can accommodate heat and air conditioning as an optional add-on. The system will keep you comfortable and allow you to focus on your work.

You don’t need to deal with the vibrations with the Bobcat E88 because it’s equipped with a dual flange track roller system. It makes the connection between latches/hinges and body panels tighter to dramatically reduce vibrations. Not only does it keep you comfortable but it also improves your productivity.

The tubular-frame reinforced door creates an airtight cab preventing debris and dust from getting into the cab keeping it clean. The other hinges and connection features, such as the body panels, provide sound and vibration dampening technology making it a more pleasant ride for the operator.

Throughout the cabin, you will also find many storage spaces where you can store different items such as keys, smartphones, and microfiber cloths. One of the unique storage spaces is behind the seat. There are also two big cup holders where you can place your coffee or tea mugs.

Attachments for E88

Bobcat offers an X-Change mounting system which allows for unique and different parts to easily and quickly attach to the excavator.

There is a range of attachments available that you can use with the Bobcat E88 excavator. These attachments include:

  • Augers
  • Buckets
  • Breakers
  • Grapples
  • Plate Compactor
  • Clamps
  • Rippers

Augers Compatible with E88

  • 30C Auger Drive Unit
  • 30H Auger He Drive Unit
  • 35PH Auger
  • 50PH Auger

Buckets – Grading X-Change Compatible with E88

  • 60″ MX6 PIN-ON Grading

Buckets – Trenching X-Change Compatible with E88

  • 48″ MX6 PIN-ON TILT (E85R)

Hydraulic Breakers Compatible with E88

  • HB1180 Hydraulic Breaker with Nail Point
  • HB1380 Breaker with Nail Point
  • HB2380 Breaker with Nail Point

Nitrogen Breakers Compatible with E88

  • NB170 Nitrogen Breaker with Nail Point
  • NB180 Nitrogen Breaker with Nail Point

Plate Compactor Attachment

  • PCF64 Plate Compactor (PCF64)

Single Attachments Compatible with E88

  • Hydraulic Clamp

Rippers Compatible with E88

  • Ripper 55MM PINS


Each vehicle requires maintenance and the Bobcat E88 excavator is no exception. However, it’s specially made to make the maintenance process easy for the user. It features a smart layout that allows you to access critical components easily.

You can use the side access hood and swing-open tailgate to access plumbing, cooling system, valve bank, pump package, and engine. Additionally, other maintenance points such as a battery, air cleaner, fluid checks, and filters are also easy to access.

To make the maintenance process even easier, this excavator comes with a greaseless boom swing cylinder pint joint. It has a sealed bushing, which doesn’t require greasing at all. It means you don’t need to go through the hassle of checking and greasing the joint on a daily basis.

The Bobcat excavators have on-board troubleshooting diagnostics for common problems as well. This includes a notification when to change the fuel filter in the R2-seires based on an internal sensor.

The Bobcat excavators have a new emission system known as the ultra-low particulate combustion (ULPC) design which prevents the need for DPF (diesel particulate filter) systems which has simpler operation and maintenance.

Final Words

The Bobcat E88 Compact Excavator is a powerful, reliable, and efficient machine and offers outstanding performance even in limited spaces. It’s available in three different options to meet the unique requirements of different operators.

If you’re looking for a compact excavator with great reach, lifting capacity, and engine power in the ten ton class, the E88 Bobcat can be your best choice. Make sure you properly understand this vehicle’s features before making your buying decision.

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