Kubota L3302 Specs: Compact Diesel Tractor Features


Kubota L3302 is one of the most reliable and powerful tractors and is part of Kubota’s L02 series which stems from an advanced version of the L01 series. This heavy-duty tractor comes in a lightweight and compact package and makes for an ideal solution for small and mid-sized farming operations.

Because of the tractor’s small form factor, you can also use it easily in your gardens and yards. In this article, we’ll discuss the specs, features, and performance of the Kubota L3302 in detail. It will help you understand whether or not it’s the right choice for you based on your needs.


Kubota L3302 specs

The Kubota L3302 is an agile and powerful tractor that can manage a range of tasks while offering the precision you need. Here’s a list of specs that this tractor flaunts.

Engine Specs

  • Power: 23.7 kw (or 31.8 HP)
  • Max Speed: 13.2 mph or 21.2 kmph (with DT), 14.1 mph or 22.7 kmph (with HST)
  • Fuel Tank: 42 L or 11.1 gal
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Displacement: 111.4 in3 (cubic inches)
  • Number of Cylinders: 3

The 3 cylinder engine in the Kubota L3302 can supply 31.8 net hp. It can achieve a maximum speed of 13.2 mph with DT and 14.1 mph with HST.

This is a diesel tractor that can hold 11.1 gallons of diesel fuel.


  • Lifting Capacity at Lift Points: 900 kg or 1,985 lb
  • Lifting Capacity Behind Lift Points: 650 kg or 1,433 lb

The lifting capacity of the Kubota L3302 tractor is 1,985 lbs and 1,433 lbs 24 inches behind the lift points.


  • With ROPS 4WD- DT: 1,300 kg or 2,866 lbs
  • With ROPS HST: 1,325 kg or 2,921 lbs

ROPS are Rollover Protection Structures that come standard in the Kubota L3302. The 4WD with DT weighs 2,866 lbs and the HST weighs 2,921 lbs.


  • Height: 91.7 in or 233 cm
  • Width: 55.1 in or 140 cm
  • Length: 108.7 in (276 cm)

The Kubota L3302 is 91.7 inches high, 55.1 inches wide, and 108.7 inches long.


The Kubota L3302 comes with an ergonomic design with a semi-flat deck, which makes it easy to mount and dismount the tractor. The L02 series has a more modern bonnet and grille than the L01. What’s also new is the LED headlights and side working lights for easier use during low light conditions.

The opening of the hood is equipped with a gas strut system, making it easy to access the area under the hood. You can easily use this tractor even in your small and mid-size fields and backyards because of its compact form factor.


The small form factor of the Kubota L3302 doesn’t mean that you’ll need to compromise on power. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful tractors available in the market this size.

It has a fuel-efficient engine that generates outstanding power and it meets the emission standard of EPA Tier 4. With these specs, the Kubota L3302 tractor offers superior performance for tasks that require both efficiency and power.

This tractor is available in three different transmission styles.

The first is the HST, or hydrostatic transmission. This is a 3-range transmission that operates in low, medium or high. There is a treadle pedal that controls both forward and reverse. On the L2510 there is also an option to add cruise control. 

The second transmission type is the gear drive transmission. This offers four main shifting speeds and the high/low separate shift is also available. This totals to eight reverse shifts and eight forward shifts that provide outstanding power. It’s important to note that all the shift speeds are inline, making it extremely easy to shift between different speeds.

The last transmission style is the Live PTO, or transmission driven engagement. This style allows you to stop, change gears and backup while power is supplied. This is typically useful for mowing applications.

The Kubota L3302 tractor features wet disc brakes that are smooth and responsive. They remain submerged in oil, which not only allows them to activate with little pressure but it also increases their longevity.

Operator’s Comfort

The Kubota L3302 tractor comes with a spacious driver’s platform and seat for optimal comfort. There is more space than the L3301 particularly by the removal of the HST clutch.

The tractor features a foldable protective structure that keeps the operator safe even if the vehicle rolls over. If you need to store the tractor or pass it through an area with low clearance, you can fold down the roll-over protective structure.

The Kubota L3302 can be used on rough and bumpy terrain, thanks to the retractable seat belt. The seat also features adjustable suspension and you can set it according to your preferences. The suspension seat has been improved for optimal comfort compared to the L02.

Additionally in the seating area, new levers and steering wheels are more optimal for ergonomics and option arm rests can also improve operator comfort.

The floor of the cab is standard with rubber floor mats for better grip and easier cleaning, but there is also new dual brake pedals for independently braking the left and right side individually.

The minimum turn radius of the tractor is around 2.5 meters. There are large gauges available that the operator can use to examine the tractor’s vitals such as oil levels. The tractor has a convenient cup holder as well where you can place a water cup or a mug of tea or coffee.

All variants of this tractor offer a large toolbox that’s located behind the driver’s seat (or next to the seat near the left fender in variants with the backhoe). The tractor also offers multiple headlamps that help you to work in low-light conditions.

In addition, there is also a feature-rich dashboard panel offering a large digital LCD and gauges. You can use it to keep an eye on the tractor’s performance and read the engine error codes as well as the RPM, temperature, and fuel level of the tractor.


The Kubota L3302 is equipped with 3 point hitch system which has precise position control for lifting and lowering attachments. It has an optional telescoping stabilizer and a Land Pride quick hitch makes it really easy to switch implements/attachments with minimal effort. If you plan to operate frequently with more than one implement, the quick hitch will make your life much easier.

There are two main attachments available for the Kubota L3302, including the Kubota BH77 backhoe and Kubota LA526 front loader. Both of the available attachments are specially designed to handle big tasks. They are exceptionally durable and offer outstanding lifting height and power.

Kubota BH77 Backhoe Specs

The BH77 is the specific backhoe that can be equipped on the L3302 tractor. It has extra cushioning on the cylinder valves to prevent impact shock, has optional mechanical or hydraulic thumb but has completely tool-less installation and removal.

It has a digging depth of 89.8 inches and can load up to 65.7 inches.

  • Stabilizer Spread Transport: 51.8 in (131.5 cm)
  • Transport Height: 80.3 in (204.0 cm)
  • Digging Depth (2 ft flat bottom): 89.8 in (228 cm)
  • Ground Clearance: 11.5 in (29.2 cm)
  • Swing Arc: 180 degrees
  • Loading Height: 65.7 in (166.9 cm)
  • Reach from Swing Pivot: 124.3 in (315.6 cm)

Kubota LA526 Front Loader Specs

Upgraded from the L3301 compatible front loader LA525, the LA526 front loader is very similar in performance, but has a new 3rd function valve and a curved bucket.

The front loader compatible with the L3302 is the LA525. TheThis attachment has a lift capacity of 1,114.4 lbs and a lift height of 94.3 inches. There are two options available with the LA525, one which includes the 2 lever quick coupler for quick and easy attachments. The installation is tool-less for quicker loading and detaching.

  • Pivot Pin Maximum Lift Height: 94.3 in or 239.4 cm
  • Lift Capacity (pivot pin): 519 kgs or 1,114.4 lbs
  • Lift Capacity (50 cm forward): 392 kgs or 864.4 lbs
  • Clearance with Attachment Dump: 74.6 in 189.6 cm
  • Reach with Attachment on Ground: 66.1 in 167.9 cm
  • Reach at Maximum Height: 24.5 in 62.2 cm
  • Maximum Dump Angle: 40 degrees
  • Maximum Rollback Angle: 31
  • Digging Depth: 7.0 in or 17.8 cm


Land Pride is a partnered company which manufactures special attachments for the Kubota tractors. Many of the implements offered for the L3302 are branded with L3302.

Below is a list of the compatible and available attachments for all major farming utilities. These include, but are not limited to snow plows, mowers, buckets, pallet forks, and diggers.

Wood Chippers for L3302

  • WC1504 Wood Chipper
  • WC1503 Wood Chipper

Spreaders for L3302

  • FSP Series Spreaders
  • PTS Series Pull-Type Spreaders
  • PFS Series Spreaders

Harrows for L3302

  • STH15 Series Spike Tooth Harrows
  • DH15 Series Disc Harrows
  • DH10 Series Disc Harrows
  • DRG Drag Harrows
  • DH35 Series Disc Harrows
  • STH20 Series Spike Tooth Harrows

Cutters for L3302

  • RCR18 Series Rotary Cutters
  • RCR15 Series Rotary Cutters
  • RCR12 Series Rotary Cutters
  • RCD18 Series Rotary Cutters
  • RCF2760 & RCF2772 Series Rotary Cutters
  • RCR2600 & RCR2672 Series Rotary Cutters
  • RCF2060 & RCF 2072 Series Rotary Cutters
  • RCR1884 Rotary Cutters
  • RCF3696 Series Rotary Cutters
  • RCF3010 Series Rotary Cutters
  • RCF3096 Series Rotary Cutters
  • RCF3610 Series Rotary Cutters
  • RCR25 Series Rotary Cutters
  • RCG3715 & RCGM3715 Rotary Cutters
  • RCG3712 & RCGM3712 Rotary Cutters
  • RC3712 & RCM3712 Rotary Cutters
  • RC2515 Rotary Cutters
  • RC2512 Rotary Cutters

Tillers for L3302

  • RTR25 Series Rotary Tillers
  • RTR20 Series Rotary Tillers
  • RTR1574 Rotary Tillers
  • RTR12 Series Rotary Tillers
  • RTR05 Series Rotary Tillers
  • RTA35 Series Rotary Tillers
  • RTA25 Series Rotary Tillers
  • RTA20 Series Rotary Tillers
  • RTA12 Series Rotary Tillers

Diggers for L3302

  • SA20 Series Post Hole Digger
  • HD25 Series Post Hole Diggers
  • PD35 Series Post Hole Diggers
  • PD25 Series Post Hole Diggers
  • PD15 Series Post Hole Diggers
  • PD10 Series Post Hole Diggers

Scrapers for L3302

  • GS25 Series Grading Scrapers
  • GS15 Series Grading Scrapers
  • GS05 Series Grading Scrapers
  • MR15 Series Box Scrapers
  • HR25 Series Box Scrapers
  • BB25 Series Box Scrapers
  • BB15 Series Box Scrapers
  • BB12 Series Box Scrapers
  • BB05 Series Box Scrapers
  • BB35 Series Box Scrapers

Blades for L3302

  • RBT35 Series Rear Blades
  • RB37 Series Rear Blades
  • RB26 Series Rear Blades
  • RB16 Series Rear Blades
  • RB15 Series Rear Blades

Aerators for L3302

  • CA25 Series Core Aerators
  • CA15 Series Core Aerators
  • AR25 Series Pasture Aerators

Mowers for L3302

  • FDR25 Series Grooming Mowers
  • FDR16 Series Grooming Mowers
  • ARM4216 All-Flex Mowers
  • ARM4214 All-Flex Mowers
  • ARM4211 All-Flex Mowers
  • AFM3011 All-Flex Mower
  • FM25 Series Flail Mowers

Pallet Forks for L3302

  • PFL20, PFL30, PFLE45, PFLE55, PFL(E)64 Series Pallet Forks
  • PF10, PF20 Series Pallet Forks
  • PFL12 Series Pallet Forks

Spears for L3302

  • BSR10 Series Bale Spears
  • BS & BSE 30/40/50 Series Bale Spears
  • BS & BSE 10/20 Series Bale Spears

Buckets for L3302

  • SRB15 Series Rock Bucket
  • SSB15 Series Skeleton Bucket
  • CB10 Series Combination Bucket

Pulverizers for L3302

  • SP30 Series Soil Pulverizers
  • SP20 Series Soil Pulverizers

Rakes for L3302

  • PR16 Series Powered Rakes
  • LR26 Series Landscape Rakes
  • LR16 Series Landscape Rakes
  • LR37 Series Landscape Rakes

Seeders for L3302

  • FPS Series Food Plot Seeders
  • APS15 Series All Purpose Seeders

Grapples for L3302

  • SGC10 Series Claw Grapples
  • SGC06 Series Claw Grapples

Cultivators for L3302

  • FC15 Series Field Cultivator
  • FC10 Series Field Cultivator

Drills for L3302

  • 606NT Compact Drills
  • 800 Series Compact Drills

Ditchers for L3302

  • DT35 Series Ditchers
  • DT55 Series Ditchers

Snow Pushers for L3302

  • SSP15 Series Snow Pushers
  • SSP25 Snow Pushers
  • SPL10 Series Loader Mount Snow Pusher

Snow Blowers for L3302

  • SB10 Series Snow Blowers
  • SB15 Series Snow Blowers

Other Implements for L3302

  • CR25 Series Straw Crimpers
  • SBR Series Seed Bed Rollers
  • SF25 Series Scarifiers
  • RGA12 & RGR12 Series Gear Drive
  • RS15 Series Ripper Shanks
  • MP10, MP20 Series Moldboard
  • AG15 Series Arena Graders
  • 3rd Function Valves
  • GR15 Series Stump Grinder
  • QH20 Series Quick-Hitches


The Kubota L3302 is an easy-to-maintain tractor. The best way to keep your maintenance cost low is to perform a daily inspection. It includes checking the levels of motor oil, and transmission/hydraulic oil daily. It’s also important to check the engine air filter and replace that with the new one when required.

The L3302 has a new prefilter with a water separator which isn’t included in the L3301. This has a built in alarm that notifies the operator when it is full and needs to be emptied.

Performing these small tasks will increase the longevity of different components of the tractor and you’ll need to spend less money on maintenance.

The engine oil, engine oil filter, transmission oil and hydraulic oil should be changed after the first 50 hours of use and then every 200 hours starting at 200 hours of use.

Final Words

The Kubota L3302 is a small yet powerful tractor that’s specially designed for new tractor operators. It suits tractor owners who need an entry-level machine that comes with a large chassis and a reasonable price tag. We hope this guide will help you decide whether the Kubota L3302 is the right tractor for you or not.

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