Kubota RTV400ci Specs: UTV Features and Design


The Kubota RTV400ci is a mid-size utility vehicle that is simple in design but offers big capabilities for its size.

You will find all major features and specs below in this article.

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Kubota RTV400ci Specs

Here’s a list of specs that the Kubota RTV400 offers.

Engine Specs

  • Power: 14.6 HP
  • Max Speed: 25 mph or 40 kmph
  • Fuel Tank: 5.2 gal
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Displacement: 24.6 in3 (cubic inches)
  • Number of Cylinders: 1
  • Drive System: 4WD Standard

The engine in the Kubota RTV400ci has 14.6 hp and can achieve a maximum speed of 25 mph.

It takes regular gas with a total fuel tank of 5.2 gal.


  • Payload Capacity: 453 kg or 999 lb
  • Towing Capacity: 500 kg or 1,102 lb

The Kubota RTV400ci has a towing capacity of 1,102 lbs and a payload capacity of 999 lbs.


  • Curb Weight w/ATV tires: 565 kg or 1,246 lb
  • Curb Weight w/HDWS tires: 570 kg or 1,257 lb

Unloaded, the Kubota RTV400ci weighs either 1,246 or 1,257 lbs.


  • Height: 72 in or 182.9 cm
  • Width: 54.7 in or 139 cm
  • Length: 105.9 in or 269 cm
  • Wheelbase: 70.9 in 180 cm
  • Cargo Bed Size: (40.6 x 33.7 x 11.4) in or (103.2 x 85.6 x 29) cm
  • Ground Clearance: 6.9 in or 17.2 cm rear, 8.1 in or 20.5 cm front 

The Kubota RTV400ci is 72 inches high, 54.7 inches wide, and 105.9 inches long with a wheelbase of 70.9 inches.

The cargo bed size in the short bed is 40.6 inches wide, 33.7 inches long, and 11.4 inches deep with a total volume of 9 cubic feet.


The RTV400ci is a single row unibody cab with a cushioned bench seat and a small trunk.

It comes with a Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) for added driver safety, but is small enough to fit in the long bed of a pickup truck.

There is only one style available for the RTV400ci.


The gas engine in Kubota RTV400ci features a one cylinder engine. It can easily reach the maximum speed of 25 mph or 40 kmph which is more than enough to transport materials or move around the job site with your crew.

It’s a work-focused vehicle and offers dependable performance even in rough terrain. In order to increase durability and response, the vehicle is equipped with the a Continuously Variable Transmission with Inertial Clutch (CVT Plus).Dynamic braking and engine-assisted deceleration are possible with this transmission.

The engine is specially designed with a liquid-cooling system to minimize noise, vibration while improving efficiency.

There also is an Electronic Fuel Injection system that gives an extra boost of power when necessary to enhance acceleration.

Driver’s Comfort

This UTV is a simply designed vehicle made for easy operation. There is a low platform, without doors for easy exit and entry.

All controls are located on the dash next to the steering wheel providing significant legroom for both the driver and the passenger.

Attachments and Accessories

There are limited accessories on the RTV400ci. Unlike some other UTVs, there is only a snow attachment that enhances the productivity either on a construction site or land except a snow plow. Other than that attachment, most others are for extra storage, safety, and to accommodate towing.

Here are the optional attachments at you can use with the Kubota RTV400ci that can provide enhanced performance including:

  • 60″ Front Blade – V4308A
  • Snow Deflector – V4307
  • Heavy Duty Cutting Edge – V4306
  • Standard Cutting Edge – V4305
  • HDWS Tire & Wheel Assembly – K7311-19310 and K7311-19410
  • ATV Tire & Wheel Assembly – ARTV4301 and 4302

You can also opt for additional accessories to improve the look and feel of your utility vehicle. These optional accessories include the following:

  • Electric Bed Lift – 77700-V4326
  • Side Mirror – 77700-V4358
  • Front Accessory Box – K7311-99560
  • Worklight Kit – 77700-V4339
  • Strobe Light Kit – 77700-V4318
  • Turn Signal/Hazard Light Kit – K7311-99610

For towing and pulling, the following accessories and attachments are available:

  • Warn VRX Winch Kit (3,500 lbs steel) – 77700-11552
  • Heavy Duty Winch (2,500 lbs) – 77700-V4380


Just like all the other vehicles, the Kubota RTV400ci also required regular maintenance. You need to change/replace engine oil, engine oil filter, transmission oil, and transmission oil filter after the first 50 hours.

After that, you’ll need to change/replace these oils and components after every 200 hours of using the vehicle. However, the transmission fluid needs to be changed after every 400 hours. Lastly, Kubota offers 1,000 hours or two years of warranty against the RTV400ci utility vehicle.

For more information on the maintenance download the RTV400ci Operator’s Manual.

The air filter in the RTV400ci should be replaced yearly or every 1000 hours of usage (whichever comes first). See the video below for a demo on how to change the air and cabin filter in the 400ci.

Final Words

The Kubota RTV400ci is exclusively built for work purposes and offers great performance. You can use it to transfer people as well as cargo from one place to another on your job site.

It comes with a vast array of standard and optional features that can improve your productivity and help you cover more tasks in a short time.

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